Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day According to Easter Seals

Love truly is blind. It doesn't care what ethnicity you are, where you are located or even if you have a disability. It always finds its way into your heart. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching we would like to reflect on the many different kinds of love found in our organization. From the love of a husband and wife to that of two friends who met in one of our programs, Easter Seals has a passion for spreading love and all its beauty. With that said, here are some of the kinds of love you’ll find in our organization:

-          Love of Learning: A child with a disability is just as curious and eager to learn as the rest of us. We get such joy from seeing our young members grow and develop. Their thirst for knowledge is inspirational and their love for books, blocks and all things colorful keep us wanting to teach them all about the world around them.

-          Military Love: We offer respite services to the families of military veterans while they are serving our country. It’s incredible to see how big of an impact these individuals have in the community and we are lucky to be able to work with such honorable citizens. In them we constantly see the love they have for their country and, of course, the love of their families who are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

-          Family Love: The love and support our clients receive from their families never fails to amaze us. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are some of the most incredible people we come across. Their passion for our organization is what drives us and the unconditional love they provide for their family member living with a disability or special need moves us deeply.

-          Summer Love: Our annual summer camp, Camp Challenge, always leaves us feeling like we made our campers truly happy. The entirely accessible campground gives our members the ability to do things such as feed farm animals, ride horses and even zip line! Their love for animals, the outdoors and their freedom keeps us looking forward to another successful summer.

-          Community Love: Our community is a huge support for our mission of awareness and independence for those living with disabilities. We have amazing volunteers and local partners whose devotion is truly treasured. Their constant love and willingness to help is something that we value beyond measure.

-          True Love: We often hear and see happy couples with one of the two dealing with a disability. Their love stories are touching, to say the least. The pure love for one another is often something out of movies and we can’t thank them enough for the generosity of sharing their fairytale endings with us at Easter Seals.

So, now that you know some of the different types of love we are surrounded by, we’d like to wish you a happy and healthy #ValentinesDay and invite you to join conversation by #Valentweeting your love story! 

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