Monday, January 28, 2013

A heartwarming letter from Rina's family

Welcome to our kick off of Memories Monday!

It is important to reflect. Memory Mondays give us an opportunity to thank others and refresh ourselves on how we became what we are today. Who can think of a more encouraging way to start the week?

Today we want to thank Maria Arce and Elizabeth Arce-Ocampa. These two lovely ladies took the time to write us a very heart warming thank you note, so we want to thank them in return! They have said it is okay to share their note, so feel free to read it below.

Our mother, Rina, has been going to Easter Seals Day Break for three years and it has been a blessing. She has Alzheimer’s and needs a place that can meet her specific needs. My sister and I are so happy to have found this wonderful place for our mother. When we are at work, our minds are at peace because she is well cared for and safe. We know she loves it there.

The director, Jody Hampton and her staff are amazing. Jody is extremely knowledgeable in the field of care giving. She's comforting, energetic, focused, and efficient. She listens and works with the caregivers, which is very important. She always has time to update us. In addition, the staff members are attentive and dedicated.  

We feel the activities at Easter Seals Day Break have helped to slow down the Alzheimer’s. The staff helps our mother during lunch to make sure she has eaten and helps her with her personal needs. She has the opportunity to exercise, with supervision, on a Geri Walker, which is great for her arthritis. We are always told how she enjoys the quest speakers and how she can participate on her level or just observe. The interaction with others, plus the sights and sounds, keep her mind stimulated. The nurse is another benefit of Easter Seals, she helps with medications so there is less for us to do at home.

Finally, my sister and I are fortunate to have found Easter Seals Day Break. We are still able to keep our mother with us and she continues to enjoy life at her pace and own level.

Thank you,

Maria Arce & Elizabeth Arce-Ocampo

We are so pleased to have made a difference in these lives. They brighten our days too. Thank you for joining us on Memories Monday. Have a lovely week! 

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