Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Internships Leads To Jobs

Over my experience as a student entering in to the workforce I realized that school can’t teach you what internships can. Sure you learn the basics in school but it is the internships that really broaden your experiences and societal skills.

I cannot emphasis how important it is to intern as much as possible during school and even after graduating. But wait; aren’t I supposed to get a job after graduation? Ideally you should be applying for jobs, but sometimes becoming an intern before becoming employed is a foot in the door. 69% of large and 39% of small companies make an offer for a full-time position by the end of the internship.

I initially came to Easter Seals Florida as an intern back in the summer of 2012 during my PR and Advertising program. I stayed in touch with the staff at Easter Seals and helped volunteer for their signature event, A Pair to Remember in 2013. Falling in love with their mission and vision, a position opened up that I couldn't say no to.

Internships.com reported that interns enjoyed learning new things, liked the real-world experience, and enjoyed working with colleagues. Like many other companies and organizations, we too have an internship program. 

Visit www.fl.easterseals.com/volunteering to see our listing of internships that will give you real experience in a team setting. #Orlando, #WestPalmBeach, and #Tampa. 

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