Friday, February 22, 2013

Great Weekend Outdoor Ideas!

Feeling Fabulous Friday!

Great Weekend Outdoor Ideas:

Are you ready for a fun weekend? It can be easy to lay back and watch television all weekend, but sometimes we all want to get out in the sun. Some studies even show that outdoor environments can improve the attention span of individuals with autism and relieve stressWe've created a list of some fun family weekend activities. We sure hope you enjoy!

  1. Have a tasty picnic
  2. Walk in the park
  3. Enjoy some playground time
  4. Visit the zoo
  5. Collect leaves and flowers to make a nature collage
  6. Volunteer at a local opportunity
  7. Do a scavenger hunt
  8. Visit the farmers market
  9. Visit a local garden
  10. Designate a flower pot for each family member and plant away your own unique flowers
Photo Credit: Northfielder 

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend.

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