Monday, February 18, 2013

Josué's Miracle Story

Miracle Monday

Miracle Monday… because who doesn't love miracles?

Today we want to share this heart-warming letter from Mary Ann, the mother of one of Easter Seals Treasure Coast Early Steps’ clients.
Josué was initially evaluated by Treasure Coast Early Steps at 2 months of age and was found to have low muscle tone, stiffness in his legs and occasional tremoring/clonus and compensatory posturing and transitions due to this. He began working with the physical therapist from the Primary Service Provider Team. She demonstrated the exercises we were to focus on throughout each week and how to add them to the little things we do as a family each day. Our PT Primary Provider was fun and provided our family with information and weekly progress sheets. At the age of 14 months, Josué began to walk during one of his therapy sessions and we were able to catch it on video! It was a wonderful moment to share as a team!

At 15 months we noticed that he stopped using the few words he had, so we added a speech therapist to our regular visits.. At 20 months Josué began speech therapy with a combination of sign language and play therapy. His wonderful speech therapist, has worked with our family in our native language, which is Spanish. She is a conscientious, soft-spoken, fun-loving young lady who is totally committed to helping us enable Josué to communicate. He learned many signs in a short period of time and used them to make meaningful, creative, and specific communication. As his oral language skills have progressed, he has slowly stopped using sign language, but he feels comfortable using sign language as a means of communication in unfamiliar situations. 

As we come closer to his third birthday, I am proud of his accomplishments and extremely grateful to The Lord for the marvelous, caring people who have come into our lives in the form of Early Steps therapists and family service coordinators who are only a phone call away and who have become part of our extended family.

Respectfully yours,
Mary Ann

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