Friday, March 8, 2013

A story of inspiration

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Sometimes stories can truly inspire our hearts and minds. The inspiring words of others can remind us what life is all about. Today, we want to share Jamie Watson's story with you. Jamie is an Orlando City Lion soccer player who believes in helping others. That’s why he and Orlando City Soccer have committed to raise five thousand dollars for Easter Seals Florida, and we couldn't be more grateful. 

Jamie Watson

You know that feeling when you feel so connected to something from the moment you’re first introduced to it? That's the feeling I had when I first learned what Easter Seals was all about. Growing up the youngest of 3 boys, I didn't have a 'normal' childhood like most. My 'normal' was helping my mom Janet, my dad West, and my brother Kevin take care of my oldest brother Brett. Brett was born with cerebral palsy and is mentally and physically handicapped. Always has been, always will be. As Brett has grown up through life and throughout school in particular, I have met hundreds of amazing children like my brother. Being involved in the lives of such amazing young boys and girls just like my brother has had the biggest impact in my life. The pure happiness and genuine love from a special needs child is the realist emotion in this world in my eyes. These kids are truly a gift to this world and, to me, there is no greater feeling than helping put a smile on one of God's beautiful children!

So when I first learned that I could possibly become involved with Easter Seals of Florida, I jumped at the chance. Being a professional soccer player for Orlando City Soccer Club, I know my life has been extremely blessed. I'm so lucky to play the game that I love. With every blessing placed in your life, I feel a strong need to 'pay my blessing forward.' My 'paying it forward' moment is now. By becoming a spokesperson for Easter Seals, I am dedicating myself to spend time with these amazing children, and to help however I can. I ask each one of you reading this now to take a moment and look at the many blessings in your lives. Then take a second to imagine a world where you're not as fortunate, or sometimes, physically or mentally able to enjoy those blessings. There are a lot of children right here in your hometown that would love to have your help-emotionally, time wise, donation wise, anything you can think of that might bring a bit of joy to them! I challenge you to ask yourself, 'how can I help?' I promise to do the same and do everything I can to help as many special needs children in whatever way possible. Together, we can improve the lives of so many young men and women, and make this world a better place. Thank you for joining me on this journey with Easter Seals!


Thank you Jamie and Orlando City Soccer for all you do. Go out and support them at their first game on March 9th! Order tickets today and have a fabulous Friday!!!

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