Monday, March 11, 2013

Hugs on the menu

If you thought you've tried everything a menu could have to offer, you probably haven’t been to Tim’s Place. At Tim’s Place you’ll find breakfast, lunch and hugs. That’s right, hugs. More specifically you can expect a hug from Tim, the restaurant’s owner.

Born with down syndrome, Tim Harris dreamed of owning his own restaurant since the age of thirteen. With a drive for success and a record of accomplishing his goals, his dream is now a reality.  In 2010 his family signed a lease for a building and opened the doors to Tim’s Place. Since opening, Tim has given out over 32,475 hugs to date! This success is shared not only by Tim and his family, but other families facing similar situations.

“We've had several families with young children with disabilities who have come in or written and said, 'I never thought this would be possible for my son or daughter," Harris' mother told KRQE News 13. "It's changing the way they're thinking as they're raising their young children."

A change of thinking is a great start. A change of action is the model Tim and the Harris family now set for others to follow. When we all come together to help others achieve their dreams, we all succeed. Life is a beautiful journey and each individual achieves success when they acknowledge and embrace their abilities, like Tim has. 

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