Friday, March 22, 2013

The extended family at Easter Seals Florida

It’s Feeling Fabulous Friday!

Learning to navigate life when some close to you is diagnosed with a disability is not ever easy. That is why Easter Seals Florida makes it our priority to help anyone in that situation. We are feeling fabulous this Friday morning as our hearts are warmed by a letter from Sablouna. She has written us with such kind words about our staff and program. Thank you so much Sablouna for taking the time to let us know what Easter Seals Florida has done in your life.

Sablouna has given us permission to share her letter below:
Good afternoon,
I wanted to take the time out and write this letter thanking your organization for your support, guidance, follow-up and for the superior level of service I received while utilizing your services. Kalyn my family service coordinator answered all my calls, responded to my emails within 24 hours and believe it or not she was my helping hand when my husband was too busy to help me research autism facts, services and more. At that time, my family members were unaware that my son Devin (pictured to the right) has autism. I was able to keep his diagnosis private because I found an extended family within the Early Steps organization
I was unaware of the various services made available by government agencies in the West Palm area until Kalyn and Thea pointed me in the right direction. I received weekly emails, updates, info about support groups. These ladies made my son's autism their problem.  Kalyn would email me with deadline reminders, appointment reminders and even on the morning of a meeting. She would routinely follow-up with me to see how support coach, Dani, was doing with Devin.
Thea, another angel sent from above, not only would send me contact info for parent support groups, she would answer my personal questions pertaining to having a child with a disability. She would send me booklets, websites, pamphlets and would give me pointers on how to manage my son's autism and how to cope with his disability emotionally. Thea not only introduced me to the various school options for children with autism outside of Child Find but she actually accompanied me on a tour at the Palm Beach school of autism. We scheduled the tour, she assisted me with creating a list of questions I'd want to ask and she stayed there on site waiting for me for over 45 minutes because I got lost, Talk about commitment, talk about superior service, talk about two model employees. I thank the Lord every day for sending these two women into mine and Devin's life. I hope they can impact the next family as positively as they have impacted my life.
Both ladies would call to check in on me to see if I had all of the requested documents. They are truly an asset to the organization. if the organizations reputation depended solely on a few individuals, I would name Kalyn and Thea as stellar employees and warm loving people who go above and beyond their job duties to make sure the children of child find can successfully complete the program, get the treatment they need and transition. I'm indebted, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, your time, for coordinating the child find meetings, for assigning Dani to my son and for being there to answer my questions, for going on the school tour with me when my husband could not.
For more information about the Treasure Coast Early Steps program, visit or contact us.
Sablouna has made our day and we hope yours as well. Thank you so much for visiting us this Friday.

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