Friday, April 19, 2013

NAO Robots for schools with special needs

It is Feeling Fabulous Friday here at Easter Seals Florida and we've got robots on our radar.

Technology advancements are infiltrating society by the second. From smart phones to evolving computer capabilities, so many innovations on are on the rise. Perhaps the most exciting technological advancements though, are assistive technologies that are helping with everything from cognitive to physical impairment.

Most recently, NAO Robots are a break through worth noting. These robots appeal to the masses as the next step in computer technology. Though acting as an improved and sociable computer catches general consumer attention, their potential impact for special needs could be groundbreaking.  

Photo Credit Aldebaran Robotics

Researchers are expecting that NAO robots will become extremely useful in special needs schools. A common difficulty for individuals with autism is that they become overwhelmed by social interaction due to interpreting body language, voice tone, words and many more human traits. That is where the NAO Robots bridges a gap. These robots are programmed to perform the same actions as humans, but not nearly as many actions. They are also programmed to speak softer and in a slower, more concise way than people. Not only are the robots expected to be able to connect with and therefore teach children with disabilities, but they are expected to also improve their social abilities.

The NAO Robots are bringing joy to Easter Seals Florida this fabulous Friday and hopefully to you as well!

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