Monday, April 15, 2013

Dreams and Dementia

We've all known people that walk and talk in their sleep. It is a fascinating occurrence that is difficult to explain. Recently though, the Mayo clinic found that men who act out in their sleep are more likely to develop dementia. By no means is acting out in ones sleep a direct sign of dementia, but there has been a strong correlation. Seventy-five to eighty percent of men with dementia with Lewy bodies (a specific type of dementia) at the Mayo Clinic experience acting out in their sleep.

(Photo Credit: Health Guidance)

"So it is a very powerful marker for the disease," says lead investigator Melissa Murray, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at Mayo Clinic in Florida. There will be future studies to determine more about this information. Below is a list of additional signs and symptoms that have been linked to dementia:

Dementia Symptoms:

1.      Frequently falling
2.      Mismanaging money
3.      Loss of humor
4.      Missing social queues
5.      Staring in space
6.      Eating strange objects
7.      Loss of memory
8.      Never embarrassed
9.      Lack of empathy
10. Hoarding
11. Difficulty speaking
12. Decrease in motor skills
13. Neglecting personal care
14. Hallucinations

If you suspect a loved one may be suffering from Dementia, it is recommended that you immediately contact your health care provider. There are many home preparations, medications, counseling and care options available for assisting individuals with dementia, including care at Easter Seals Day Break

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