Friday, April 12, 2013

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Feeling Fabulous Friday!

We want to share this story today because it makes us feel fabulous to see Tony and Ruth happy!  They have shared their story with us and we want to pass it on to you. We hope this makes you feel fabulous too.

My name is Ruth and I am 83 years old.  I live with my husband, daughter and grandson.  I am the caregiver for all.  My husband Tony suffers from a variety of health issues, my daughter has diabetes and has had it since birth and my grandson is delayed from a premature birth.  Seems I am the only one that is healthy.  I was afraid to go out shopping or to socialize with friends and family because I didn’t want to leave my husband alone.  I didn’t even think about going out of town because of fear for my daughter.  I needed some help.  I had heard about the personal emergency response service through TV ads, newspaper ads and even in magazines.  It was time.  I called Easter Seals SafetyNet.  It was the best call I had ever made.  Their technician was out to install within one day.  He explained the service and how to use the equipment.  It was so easy and I didn’t feel intimidated to use it.  My husband wears it around his neck and my daughter (who has her own button) wears hers as a bracelet.  I now have the peace of mind in knowing I could leave and either one of them can reach someone at the touch of a button.  We have used this service on many occasions, it was quick and each time the paramedics were at the house within minutes, and I believe saved the lives of my family.  I am so grateful for the services Easter Seals provides and for their wonderful customer service.  We are here because of them.

Visit Easter Seals SafetyNet website or call 407-629-1757 in Central Florida, or toll free at 1-877-347-3257 for if you or someone you know needs this kind of service.

Have a Fabulous Friday everyone!

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