Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Girl, Big Heart

It’s Feeling Fabulous Friday!

We are feeling so fabulous this Friday at Easter Seals Florida because of a little girl with a big heart! Five-year-old Mya’s mother, Lisa, wanted to involve her in community volunteering.  Lisa arranged for Mya to help literacy specialist Mayra Alvarado with the new mobile library at Easter Seals' Murray Child Development Center.  For months, Mya read a book to the kids in each classroom at the center and helped them check out books from the mobile library, a small library on wheels that she brought from classroom to classroom.  She even created library cards for each child in the center.


Mya went home from her volunteer experience determined to collect more children's books for the children of Easter Seals. She made a flyer that she sent out to friends and family, and soon books were coming in from all over the country...over 500 books were collected in all! But that wasn't enough for Mya. She wanted to be sure that Easter Seals' Murray Child Development Center had its very own library. After many volunteers sorted through and organized books, painted walls and murals, and put the final touches of decorations to the place, it was ready for our children!  The grand opening of the Murray Child Development Center library was held in July of 2011. 

But that’s not all!  Starting last summer, Mya got the itch to create another library at Easter Seals’ Igoe-Amar Child Development Center, the Murray Center’s sister program in West Palm Beach.  She collected once again over 500 more books, and on January 23, 2013 the new Children’s Library and Literacy Center was opened!  Check out pictures from the dedication here: grand opening of their library.

Today we want to thank Mya for her warm heart and drive to make a difference. No matter our location, age or circumstance, Mya’s story is a lesson that we can make a difference when we put our hearts and minds to it.

The Murray Center Library:

The Amar Center Library:

The Amar Center Library Grand Opening:

See even more photos in the grand opening album on our Facebook page.

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