Monday, July 15, 2013

Achieving Goals Is What We Do

Orlando City Soccer at Camp Challenge with Kingston the mascot.
Goal!!! The crowd goes wild as Andrew kicks the ball and brushes past Jamie Watson’s legs, two for Easter Seals’ campers and one for the Orlando City Soccer Club. It is a close game but little do the campers know that Jamie has achieved his goals once he saw Andrew crack a smile and yell for joy.

Jamie Watson, a midfielder for Orlando City Soccer Club, became an Easter Seals Florida official spokesperson this past fall. Being a part of the Easter Seals team, he nearly felt at home because he too helped people with disabilities and special needs, more specifically his brother Brett. Brett was born with cerebral palsy and mental and physical delays. Much of Jamie’s life revolved around caring for his older brother and making sure he enjoyed life to the fullest. 

For over the past four weeks Jamie and his soccer team dedicated the same energy to our new accessible soccer clinics at Camp Challenge. I cannot express how thrilled we were and how excited the campers were.  Every Wednesday at 3:00PM is the time that every camper anticipates and every Wednesday at 3:00PM Jamie couldn't wait to put a smile on the campers’ faces.  

 By becoming a spokesperson for Easter Seals, I am dedicating myself to spend time with these amazing children and adults, and to help however I can.” said Jamie Watson. Not only has Jamie been a great advocate for Easter Seals Florida, but also a wonderful supporter. His goal for this season is to raise $5,000 for us and has raised over $3,000 thus far.
We all have goals in life whether it is to kick a ball into the net or to make someone smile. The latter is goal that CAN be achieved every day. You too can help by joining us at Easter Seals Appreciation Day, and help us cheer on Jamie Watson as the Orlando City Lions play the Charlotte Eagles. For every ticket purchased $5 will be donated back to Easter Seals Florida. Now, that’s something we can all smile about. #MakingMovesMonday #VolunTweet

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