Friday, July 19, 2013

Dando es como recibimos

It’s better to give than to receive (English). 

Can you image being in another country and you don’t know the language? I must say it was difficult for me to communicate when I was in Hungary four summers ago, and I think the most difficult part was expressing my needs. Have you ever considered how this would feel on a day-to-day base? Sara Osleger does.  

Sara Osleger who is a mother of 3 year old twins and a volunteer at Easter Seals Florida’s Adult Day Break at the Miller Center, gave back to our members by going above and beyond. Upon her volunteering she found the need to break the language barrier between the staff and the clients. Seeing the need, she started a fundraising campaign, which raised the money to purchase four iPads, four iPads cases, and various apps. 
“I might have been the catalyst for this fundraiser but it’s the donors who directly impacted the center and made the difference," said Sara.                                                                
Bert playing a matching game app called Smiley Fruit.

This gave our staff the opportunity to communicate to those who are bilingual. Needless to say this was an amazing gift to our members and to the staff. For over 100 years Easter Seals has had countless volunteers give back to our members and over thousands of volunteer hours logged in. Sara is the definition of volunteerism. Giving back to the community and enriching the lives of others. She said: 
“I try to maintain a balanced life and that is why Easters Seals is a part of it. I’ve always been taught through my family and church how important it is to give back, and there is nothing more gratifying.” 
Whether it be a language barrier, disability, or a special need this could help Easter Seals members feel more involved and listened to because it’s better to give than receive. #VolunTweet  #DoGooder 

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